USB2.0 stick from Sony with 256MB

USB2.0 stick from Sony with 256MB

With the Micro Vault USB 2.0, Sony is bringing a USB stick about the size of a car key onto the market. The memory stick should be distinguished from other Sony devices by a special color coding. However, you have to put 200 euros on the table for this.

You can use the data thanks to the USB2.0 interface but also transfer up to four times faster to the small stick than in the USB1.1 times. In order to protect the data on the USB stick from other unwanted viewers, the stick has a 'Password Lock' function with which certain areas on the memory stick can be protected with a password. However, this function is only available for Windows 2000, ME and XP users. The USB 2.0 stick runs without a driver under these operating systems and Mac OS version 9.0 or higher. Under Windows 98 and 98 SE you have to install the included drivers. Unfortunately, the USB stick is only addressed via the USB1.1 interface. USB2.0 is only available under Windows 2000, ME, XP and under Mac OS version 9.0 or higher.

Micro Vault USB2.0 Stick
Micro Vault USB2.0 stick