USB sticks with 32 GB of storage from Corsair

USB sticks with 32 GB of storage from Corsair

At the CES 2008 taking place in Las Vegas on Monday, the storage specialist Corsair will present two new USB sticks with a storage capacity of 32 GB. They belong to the 'Flash Voyager' or 'Survivor' series.

Flash Voyager 32 GB

These should not be confused with the 'Flash Voyager GT' and 'Survivor GT' series, also from Corsair, which are labeled with their SLC memory chips are designed for maximum data transfer rates. The MLC memory chips of the USB sticks presented are cheaper, but also noticeably slower. However, if you can do without maximum transfer rates, you will get without question a considerable amount of storage space.

Corsair Flash Survivor 32 GB

Both sticks are supplied with a lanyard and USB extension cable; security software and drivers are preinstalled on the sticks iert. Both models are to be available immediately and are currently listed from around 156 euros (Flash Voyager) or from around 218 euros (Survivor). The Survivor is not yet available anywhere.