Updated AMD processor roadmap

Updated AMD processor roadmap

AMD has quietly updated the previous roadmap from December 2001 and changed some details in the process. The changes concentrate on the 'Barton' core, the heart of the next Athlon XP processor generation.

The most important change in 'Barton' is the addition of '512k L2 Cache' in the roadmap, confirming an important rumor. The processors with 'Barton' core will have a certain performance boost compared to the Thoroughbred, which is only equipped with 256 KB L2 cache, while maintaining the same clock rate. The 'Barton' processors in 0.13 µ with silicon-on-insulator technology (SOI) should come onto the market as early as the beginning of the next six months, in both the desktop and mobile versions. The introduction of the Barton MP was postponed to the beginning of 2003, apparently AMD wants to calmly introduce the Thoroughbred MP to the not so fast moving server market.

The previous data for the 'hammer' processors are confirmed, The Clawhammer will come onto the market in the fourth quarter of 2002, Clawhammer DP and MP will follow at the beginning of 2003. The Mobile Clawhammer will follow from the second quarter of 2003, but will no longer replace the Mobile Barton as planned, which means that AMD has three mobile processors in its range would have. AMD plans to introduce the 0.09 µ Clawhammer with SOI technology in the second half of 2003.

Roadmap from December 12, 2001
Roadmap from April 14, 2002