Unrestricted IRC for Surf-1 customers

Unrestricted IRC for Surf-1 customers

As can be seen from the news of the last few days, Internet users who go to IRC via '' can only use limited functions there. For example, you can't kick or change your nickname, and you can't do a lot of other 'nice' things.

This includes Surf-1, which is why they acted immediately! You can therefore resolve the 'restricted connection' with the following socks proxy settings:

The PROXY is called: socksproxy. and the port is 1080. It works according to the SOCKS protocol, version 5. Please enter your s number (lower case s and without @ as the user ID and your existing password as the password.

Here is a brief instruction for the most frequently used program: mIRC

In the File menu, select Options In the 'Connect' subtree click on 'Firewall', activate 'Use SOCKS Firewall' Activate the protocol Set to Socks5 Please enter host name: In the User ID field, please enter your s number, with a lowercase s and without @ Simply enter the password you know in the password field. The Port field should read 1080 'Initiate DCCs through Firewall' can be clicked if necessary