Unreal Tournament 3 in the test: The Mmmmmonsterkill is back

Unreal Tournament 3 in the test: The Mmmmmonsterkill is back


Unreal Tournament 3 surprised positively in this test. In spite of the good preliminary reporting, many concerns were raised against the background of the 'UT 2003/2004 problem'. Would Epic and Midway actually manage to create an outstanding first-person shooter that is in no way inferior to the time-honored Unreal Tournament compared to its time of effectiveness? The answer is: Yes.

If you want to be extremely precise, you could certainly once again run into a deficit Accuse things of innovation. There is certainly evidence to support this argument. The single player is usually lame and, strictly speaking, not too much has changed in multiplayer: Some modes have been removed and have been replaced by a large, but very successful one. And that a first-person shooter has to shine with good graphics is mandatory anyway and therefore not necessarily praiseworthy.

On the other hand, it must also be asked how exactly the innovation that may have been required could have looked. As a series, Unreal Tournament thrives on the principle of the game that is essentially retained in the third - or fourth, as you like - edition. In this respect, it may even be a good thing that the principle was adhered to. Or to put it another way: Better a well-engineered multiplayer game that convinces with well-dosed innovations than a erratic first-person shooter that is neither inSingle or multiplayer is really good.

Further spinning, this train of thought can mean that those responsible have got the maximum out of innovation with the warfare mode . In addition, said mode plays really well. The successful multiplayer part is rounded off by a graphic that sometimes sets new standards in the segment, is high-performance and will therefore still run well on weaker systems, as well as by the sizeable vehicle fleet, which makes for a nice change.

So in conclusion: Unreal Tournament 3 is among the many similar titles that were published more and more this year and also knew how to convince, a diamond that not only old UT veterans will have fun with.

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