Unreal Tournament 3 in the test: The Mmmmmonsterkill is back

Unreal Tournament 3 in the test: The Mmmmmonsterkill is back


Apart from an underground localization, Unreal Tournament 3 cannot be criticized technically. Before we can now proceed to the conclusion, a few more noteworthy aspects should be discussed below.

Weapons & Vehicles

The weapon arsenal of Unreal Tournament 3 is as extensive as usual, but does not offer any Surprises. The inclined player can again fall back on all the guns of various colors known from their predecessors: In addition to the obligatory rocket launcher, all old acquaintances such as the less useful Bio-Gun, the effective Flak-Gun and the penetrating shock rifle are used. The omnipotent Redeemer should not be missing in UT 3 and can be found at selected places on every map.

Hoverboard in action
Unreal Tournament 3 - Fleet
Unreal Tournament 3 - Fleet
Unreal Tournament3

The Unreal Tournament 3 fleet is also generously stocked. Altogether there are nine different vehicles available for all races, whereby the vehicles of the Necris are traditionally more breathtaking in terms of driving pleasure and appearance than those of the Axon (humans). A great personal highlight is the scavenger, which moves on a kind of tentacle, but can also be mutated into a deadly ball that sweeps through the ranks of the opponents. Also worth mentioning are the well-designed hoverboards, which are available to every player and allow fast movement across the cards (see picture above). However, it is not possible to fire a weapon.

Overall, both the weapon arsenal and the vehicle fleet of Unreal Tournament 3 as detailed and comprehensive and leaves nothing to be desired.

Age rating

Unreal Tournament 3 has been approved in Germany after a mandatory examination by the USK from the age of 16. This low age barrier was accompanied by a few cuts . For this reason, comparatively little blood flows in UT 3 and the German variant differs from the international variant in some other ways. Killed opponents disappear after a short time without leaving any traces and a headshot is also shown less bloody.


As usual from the predecessors, the artificial intelligence of the bots is also unreal Tournament 3 succeeded again exceptionally well, so that the game ensures long-lasting fun even in small LAN sessions and on small Internet servers.

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