Unreal Tournament 3 in the test: The Mmmmmonsterkill is back

Unreal Tournament 3 in the test: The Mmmmmonsterkill is back


Unreal Tournament 3 is definitely not recommended for single player friends who value a campaign that is as epic as it is action-packed. In its core competence, the multiplayer, the title knows how to convince. UT 3 offers a total of 42 cards on which up to 32 players can compete against each other. This can be done in six different game modes. These include the variants Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag (CTF), Vehicle-CTF, a duel mode and the big new core of the multiplayer called 'Warfare'.

Die-hard UT players should notice that some well-known game variants are missing from this list. In UT 3, for example, the modes Bombing Run, Double Domination, Assault and Onslaught are omitted, although skeptics may well ask whether these can be replaced by the 'Warfare' mode. The following shows that this is always the case.

UT 3 Server- Interface

'Warfare' is basically Onslaught paired with certain elements from the Assault mode. The primary aim of the two teams is to conquer and defend individual energy nodes on huge maps. With each conquered node you get closer and closer to the enemy reactor, which asthe last one must be destroyed (see picture below). Depending on the mood of the player, the points can be snatched from the opponent either through the massive use of firearms or by means of new energy balls, one of which is available for each team. The first variant takes much longer, since after the collapse of the opposing node, a separate node must first be set up using the link gun. With the latter option, the strategic point is taken over immediately, but the player carrying the ball also has to take some dangers: He is visible to all opponents on the radar and cannot use any vehicles. Once dropped, the ball destroys itself after a certain time and returns to the base. Furthermore, the opponents are free to destroy the ball immediately. To do this, a player has to walk over it, but sacrifices his life.

Collapsing reactor in the Warfare mode

Due to the game principle, the mode is designed as a real one Alternative to the boring (team) deathmatch, in which the aim is primarily. With 'Unreal Warfare', as the mode is called in the original, team play is even explicitly important. The team that works together wins. While the attackers have to split up into defenders and attackers at the last node, the same applies to the players defending the reactor; only those who hold point A then have a chance at point B. Against this background, the mode promises long battles that are as action-packed as they are strategy-heavy, especially with experienced players. The mode is rounded off by the possibility of using the quite extensive vehicle fleet of Unreal Tournament 3 (see the section 'Weapons & Vehicles').

Overall, theMultiplayer part of UT 3 is a healthy mix, which does not know how to convince with numerous, but well-done innovations. The new warfare mode makes the missing modes due to the good implementation and the integration of known elements, contrary to the expressed concerns of some skeptics, forgotten and ensures that Unreal Tournament 3 does justice to its core competence.

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