Unreal Tournament 2003 only in 32 bit and without voodoo

Unreal Tournament 2003 only in 32 bit and without voodoo

Next to Quake 4 or Doom 3, Unreal Tournament 2003 is certainly one of the most anticipated games in the scene at the moment. The developers of the last-mentioned first-person shooter recently set up a four-hour chat and divulged some interesting facts.

In addition to many small things, gameplay, music, netcode and much more were discussed. This also includes the requirements that the game will place on the hardware. In contrast to its predecessor Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003 will only support DirectX on all Windows computers, OpenGL is only planned for MacOS and, if there is an implementation, for Linux. In principle, only a color depth of 32 bits is supported here. Since stencil buffering is a requirement for the game, all voodoo owners will have to do without Unreal Tournament 2003. So at least one nVidia TNT2 based graphics card is mandatory.

'No Voodoo3 support at all. The new engine is 32bit only and requires stencil buffering (two features Voodoo3 doesn't have) so the minimum card would be a TNT2. Sorry for you Voodoo3 users. Voodoo3 was a great card for us in the past but technology marches on. '

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Our thanks go to Dominik Toth for reporting this news.