Unreal Tournament 2003 comes in 64Bit

Unreal Tournament 2003 comes in 64Bit

At the current Comdex in LasVegas/Texas, AMD was able to present some partners for the first time with regard to their 64-bit processor 'Athlon64'. The game manufacturer Epic announced a 64-bit version of the action and team shooter Unreal Tournament 2003.

With the new version, Epic promises better visual effects and significantly higher performance compared to the current 32-bit Version.

With Epic, AMD has for the first time brought one of the major game manufacturers to a clear statement on the subject of 64-bit. This step in particular is very important for AMD. It is precisely the players and programmers of first-person shooters who are demanding ever higher computer performance in order to make the games look as realistic as possible. With a strong partner in the games sector, AMD is underlining the Athlon64's claim to a large market share in the consumer sector. After all, what use is a 64-bit processor if the software is missing.

In contrast to the Intel Itanium, the Athlon64 is able to run conventional 32-bit applications without loss of performance, but the real performance boost is only achieved through 64-bit applications achieved.

By the time the Athlon64 goes on sale in spring 2003, other software manufacturers will certainly present special 64-bit versions of their programs. A 64-bit version of Windows XP for the Athlon64 is already in the starting blocks and is just waiting for the right processor.