UDP gives eMule 0.23a a boost under Windows 9x/Me

UDP gives eMule 0.23a a boost under Windows 9x/Me

After about 2 weeks of development, the developers of the open source project eMule released version 0.23a of their software. It should be noted that this version could also be marked as RC1, but since the whole project is still in the beta phase, it was not included.

Among other things, the handling of clients with low IDs to the effect that seldom existing files should spread faster. Windows 9x/Me users in particular will be pleased that the developers have now implemented the option of using the UDP protocol for queries to other clients regarding the current position in the queue. On the one hand, much less bandwidth is required than when establishing a TCP connection and, on the other hand, the maximum number of TCP connections is not pushed down, which is very limited, especially among the said representatives of the Windows 9x family. This option should be deactivated manually in the options if there are problems, although eMule will automatically try to use TCP as a substitute if an error occurs when establishing a UDP connection.

Furthermore, the improved settings dialog known from the eMule Plus Mod and a slightly modified toolbar have been integrated into the basic version. Since the operators of various server lists have recently complained about the rapid increase in traffic caused by the automatic updating of the server lists when the eMule is started, support for compressed server lists has now been added. Since the server lists are available as pure text, very good results can be achieved with the compression.

Beginners will be happy about the new connection wizard in the connection menu. In addition, among the numerous other smaller innovations, there is the option of using the context menu in the taskbar to set the download and upload speedto regulate.


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