Tyan Tachyon - ATi graphics cards from the mainboard specialist

Tyan Tachyon - ATi graphics cards from the mainboard specialist

Unfortunately lost in the hustle and bustle of the last few days, so now submitted. The mainboard manufacturer Tyan, known for its excellent dual processor boards, has now ventured into a new market. With its own graphics cards based on the ATi Radeon chips, the manufacturer is planning another pillar.

For the time being, Tyan is limited to the production of only 2 products. On the one hand the Tachyon G9000 Pro with 64MByte, which should cover the low-price sector, and on the other hand the Tachyon G9700 Pro with 128MByte graphics memory and 8xAGP for the ambitious player.

The specifications and clock frequencies of the cards when delivered correspond to those of all other cards with the same chip. In contrast to many other manufacturers, however, Tyan builds the chips on self-designed PCBs (print circuit boards) and thus promises better performance and higher overclockability than the cards that are manufactured directly by ATi or other partners. According to some hardware sites, the chip of the G9700 Pro can be overclocked to 400MHz with the serial cooling.

In addition to the well-known features such as TV-out and DVI output for TFT screens, Tyan is equipping his Cards with hardware monitoring. So you always have the most important key data of your graphics card in view. A very useful function, especially for overclockers.

According to Tyan, the Tachyon G9000 Pro is already available in stores, the G9700 Pro should be available in the next few weeks.

Tachyon G9000 Pro
Tachyon G9700 Pro