Two thirds of all Germans work with PCs

Two thirds of all Germans work with PCs

More and more people are working on computers. In Germany, the proportion of employees who use a PC at work has now broken the 60 percent mark for the first time. The rate climbed from 56 percent (2006) to 61 percent (2007).

For comparison: in 2003 the value was just 44 percent. The industry association Bitkom announced this today in Berlin. In an EU comparison, Germany ranks third for professional computer use. While in 2007 61 percent of employees in Germany used a PC, the average in the European Union was 50 percent. First place went to Finland (70 percent), second place to Sweden (64 percent). On the other hand, there is still some catching up to do in the south-eastern EU member states. In 2007 in Bulgaria just one in five employees (20 percent) used a computer, in Hungary only one in three (35 percent).

PC use, Bitkom

With the use of computers, the importance of electronic mail in the job increases. In Germany, for example, every second employee (48 percent) now has a work e-mail address.