Trend reversal in storage prices?

Trend reversal in storage prices?

The prices for SD-RAM and DDR-RAM on the markets have risen steadily since the beginning of November 2001, but now there is apparently a trend reversal. For a good two weeks now, prices have been falling again and in some cases quite significantly, especially with the 128 MBit chips.

On the pictures with the charts you can see that the prices have already fallen by half a US dollar, with the exception of the 256 MBit DDR-RAM chips. The red line is the highest price, the green line the lowest price and the blue line the average price. The memory manufacturers justify the decline in prices with an imminent falling demand in the traditionally poor second quarter. Not only the colleagues from xBit Labs are asking themselves what should traditionally be bad in the second quarter. Otherwise, the first quarter was described as traditionally bad, apparently the manufacturers have come up with a new reason. It remains to be seen whether this is just a short drop in prices, whether a trend reversal has actually occurred.

256 MBit (32Mx8) DDR266 SDRAM
128 MBit (16Mx8) DDR266 SDRAM
256 MBit (32Mx8) PC133 SDRAM
128 MBit (16x8) PC133 SDRAM