Toshiba and Sharp forge LCD alliance

Toshiba and Sharp forge LCD alliance

Electronics manufacturers Toshiba and Sharp want to cooperate in the future in order to meet the demand for inexpensive and at the same time high-quality LCD panels. With a joint effort, new, modern and efficient factories for the production of the flat panel should be created.

Furthermore, Toshiba will im As part of the cooperation, 40 percent of its needs for large LCD panels are covered by Sharp. The latter is in the process of building the world's largest LCD factory in Japan anyway. In return, Sharp, which has recently also been active in Poland , will have Toshiba cover 50 percent of its semiconductor requirements.

Both groups hope that this extensive cooperation will result in an increase efficiency thanks to the use of synergies: “It would be difficult for a company to do everything on its own. It is important to work together and to use the different strengths, ”said Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida about the alliance. Ideally, the business will develop into a volume of 618 to 706 million US dollars, Nishida continues.