Top 10 motherboard manufacturers

Top 10 motherboard manufacturers

The year 2000 is over and all companies are now beginning to evaluate the past quarters. Especially with the motherboard manufacturers, this is a good comparison with the actual expected sales figures.

The following table contains the real and originally planned sales figures for motherboards throughout the year 2000.

Quantities apply to 1000 pieces
Manufacturer Sold Planned Percent Asus 13,950 15,000 93% Gigabyte 9,800 9,500 103% MSI 9,000 8,480 106% Elitegroup 7,600 5,375 141% Abit 2,400 2,800 86% DFI 2,360 2,800 84% Chaintech 1,760 2,177 81% Biostar 1,610 2,560 63% Epox 1,500 2,400 63%

As can be seen from the table, the field of manufacturers can be divided into three groups. Asus is clearly in the lead here, even if the expectations could not be fully met. With slightly more than 5 million boards sold, Gigabyte, MSI and Elitgroup follow in the middle, all of which also exceeded their expectations. For many, the absolute best manufacturer of boards suitable for overclocking can only be found in 5th place with a clear gap.