Top 10 most common viruses

Top 10 most common viruses

The Klez virus continues to top the charts of the most common viruses. According to the monthly statistics from MessageLabs, 788,137 copies of the Klez virus were prevented from spreading further in June of this year.

A month earlier it was only 527,507. Compared to the love virus, which was found in one of 30 emails at the peak of its spread, the spread of the klez virus with one in 240 emails has not yet reached the epidemic-like proportions of the love virus at the time. The Klez viruses are so difficult to get under control because the virus has a variety of camouflage mechanisms. Starting with the generation of variable subject lines for the e-mail or the different endings of the attachments, such as .bat, .exe, .pif or the ending of screensaver .scr. Once activated, it sends itself to all e-mail addresses in the Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express address book. Thanks to the widespread use of the two e-mail programs, it spreads quickly and can hardly be stopped. The relatively new email worm Yaha-E, which we reported two weeks ago, is currently not that widespread, but its sophistication, which exceeds that of the Klez virus, is great Potential to soon lead the top ten in this virus.

Top10 of the currently most widespread viruses

  • Klez-H
  • Klez-E
  • Yaha-E
  • SirCam
  • Magistr-B
  • Hybris- B
  • Magistr-A
  • Yaha-C
  • Frethem-F