Tiscali offers DSL from € 4.99

Tiscali offers DSL from € 4.99

The Internet provider Tiscali is offering new volume-dependent DSL tariffs that start at just € 4.99 per month. The tariffs are called DSL 500, DSL 1000, DSL 2000 and DSL Flat Plus, the latter is a real flat rate without time or volume limits.

With DSL 500 you get 500 MB transfer volume, the tariff has a term of six months and costs 4.99 € per month. 2.55 cents are due for each additional MB, the transfer speed is 768 kbit/s in the download and 128 kbit/s in the upload. The two tariffs DSL 1000 and DSL 2000 have the same technical data, but cost € 9.99 and € 14.99 per month.

The flat rate DSL FlatPlus costs € 59 per month, but offers more speed : 1024 KBit/s when downloading and 256 KBit/s when uploading. The duration is 12 months and the one-time setup fee is € 59.

A DSL connection from Deutsche Telekom is required for access, but the flat rate is implemented via QSC.