Thunderbirds are dying out - this time for good

Thunderbirds are dying out - this time for good

After the rumor surfaced some time ago that AMD had stopped production of the Thunderbird, it has now been confirmed. As of yesterday, all Ahtlon-B and -C models have been removed from the official price list.

So they now have the same fate as the Spitfire-Durons some time ago.

However, there is no need to panic, the stocks in the warehouses and at the dealerships will still be sufficient for some time to cover the demand, which has already decreased significantly due to the respective successors Athlon XP and Duron with Morgan core>

Despite some disadvantages compared to the corresponding Intel CPUs, such as a significantly higher power consumption and associated cooling problems, the advantages of the Thunderbird were as most successful CPU from AMD so far a guarantee for a significantly higher market share, especially in retail, than the recently published 20.2% share of AMD in the total world market for PC processors. Heise-Online speaks of top values ​​of up to 80%.

One thing is certain, however, without the Thunderbird and its competitive price/performance ratio, even committed Intel supporters would be much more in favor today pay their processor than is currently the case. According to c't 3/2002, Intel's profits in 2001 fell by 9.2 billion US dollars. Certainly not least because of the price war with AMD, from which the buyer ultimately benefits - regardless of the choice of processor.