Three new reviews for the relaunch

Three new reviews for the relaunch

Just in time for the relaunch of ComputerBase, we have put three new reviews online for you. We took a closer look at Norton System Works 2002 from Symantec, the Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 Ti200 and, last but not least, the new optical wireless mouse from Microsoft, the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer.

But we will be in the near future we have finished further reviews for you. So you can be curious what else is waiting for you besides the new design and system. You can find the links to the new articles, as you have probably already noticed, via the news on the main page. We hope you enjoy reading the new articles.


As the fourth article for the relaunch and a very special treat, KPV has a review of the PowerMagic ATi for you Radeon 8500 written over 21 pages.