Three 40x CD burners in the test: Traxdata, LG and Waitec in comparison

Three 40x CD burners in the test: Traxdata, LG and Waitec in comparison

Copy protection

It is not without good reason that some readers criticized the abstinence from a copy protection section, we want to submit them step by step.


Key2Audio is currently one of the most popular copy protection mechanisms for audio CDs. The routine prevents the CompactDisc from being read in the drive, so that the use of 'external software' is nipped in the bud. This protection is particularly annoying for buyers who have a PC but no CD player and cannot play the jewel they have just purchased in their own four walls. Corresponding CDs are often marked with the inscription 'Sony DADC' - but this is not always the case.

Model Key2Audio compatible Asus CRW-4012A No LG GCE-8400B No Traxdata CDRW 401248 tx Yes Waitec Storm 40x Yes

While the burners from Asus and LG get stuck in a never-ending 'access loop', the Waitec Storm and the Traxdata burner can safely circumvent the copy protection and both play and read the CD without problems.

SafeDisc 2.0

SafeDisc 2.0 copy protection can currently be found on most game CDs and is an insurmountable hurdle for most burners and drives thanks to its ingenious tricks for securing data. In the early days, Plextor was able to gain such a good reputation because their burners were the only ones capable of the SafeDisc. However, such a burner is currently struggling to overcome this hurdle. Aquanox was used as a test CD. The task was to read out the CD and then create a 1: 1 copy from this image, which recognizes the installed game as the original disc.

Read model SafeDisc 2.0 Write SafeDisc 2.0 LG GCE-8400B Yes Yes Traxdata CDRW 401248 tx No Yes Waitec Storm 40x No No

Only the LG burner was able to both read and write the CD. The Traxdata could not make a usable CD from its image, but it could from the LG file. Waitec could neither create a usable image nor burn an executable CD from the LG image.

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