Three 40x CD burners in the test: Traxdata, LG and Waitec in comparison

Three 40x CD burners in the test: Traxdata, LG and Waitec in comparison

The Waitec Storm 40x

Scope of delivery

Like the two before The burner presented by Traxdata and LG also describes the Waitec Storm burner CD-Rs with 40x and CD-RW with 12x speed.

Here you only get sound cables for your money, because Waitec probably assumes that enough IDE cables are included with a motherboard. Of course, they thought of a four-pack of screws for fastening.

The Ahead Nero Burning Rom burning software including Nero Media Player and InCD version is also included here. Compared to the version numbers of the enclosed Nero versions for the other burners, the one enclosed here is more current and not only that. This version is a full version that the customer can use with other burners instead of onespecial version that only works with the burner you have purchased. In contrast to LG and Traxdata, Waitec also gave you a blank CD-R, so that you can really get started right away, provided you still have an IDE cable and already have a CD-ROM drive installed or you can use the burner independently because the manual and installation instructions are only available on the supplied CD.

Packaging Waitec Storm 40X
Scope of delivery Waitec Storm 40X


The online manual, or rather the online installation guide, is not only available in the five most important languages ​​of the European Union but also in the languages ​​of the countries in which the Dutch company Waitec is also active. This guides the reader in the respective language over 12 pages with relatively little and sometimes very old-looking image material for the hardware installation and gives a few more tips on how to operate the burner. Overall, the installation shouldn't cause any problems.

Top view of Waitec Storm 40X
Front view Waitec Storm 40X


Also with the Waitec Storm40x there are no major innovations on the technical side and therefore no nasty surprises. It doesn't really have to be mentioned anymore that this 40X/12X/48X burner is also connected to the IDE bus.

In the meantime, this is not what most of the people use here for writingAll burners used Partial Constant Angular Velovity (P-CAV), but instead relies on the Zone Constant Linear Velocity (Z-CLV) process, in which the burning speed is increased step-by-step up to a full 40 times the speed. Unfortunately, the burner did not get along so well with Nero CD Speed, so that we do not have any precise data on when to switch to which speed. However, as can also be seen in the later test, one can assume that the burner with about 19-20 -fold speed starts to burn and thus has the highest starting speed.

Writing simulation Waitec Storm 40X

'SafeLink' was chosen as the name for the protection technology against buffer underruns at Waitec, but the system works the same here as with all others Burners with this technology too. Here, however, a significantly higher buffer memory of 4MB has been installed, so that the burner writes a third of a second longer than the competition from Traxdata and LG and only then the burning process is suspended. A technology to determine the optimal speed for the inserted medium is of course also used here, but is not mentioned or given a name.

Compared to the GCE-8400B burner from LG, this again supports this quite new Mount Rainier Letters brought to life by a Microsoft initiative. This allows you to use a blank CD-RW like a hard drive or a floppy disk, which means that a simple 'drag and drop' in Explorer is sufficient to accommodate the desired data on the inserted CD>

Rear view Waitec Storm 40X

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