Three 40x CD burners in the test: Traxdata, LG and Waitec in comparison

Three 40x CD burners in the test: Traxdata, LG and Waitec in comparison

The LG GCE-8400B

Scope of delivery

The GCE- 8400B 40x burner from LG, thanks to its lower reading speed of 40x, can claim that it writes just as fast as it reads.

In addition to the actual drive, the buyer also receives an IDE and sound cable and four screws for proper fastening. As usual, the well-known Ahead Nero Burning Rom burning software, here in version, and the InCD software are also included in the scope of delivery so that you can get started right away. Unfortunately, one looks in vain for a suitable CD-R or CD-RW blank, so that LG leaves this task to the customer.

In addition to the manual, in which the installation instructions can also be found, In the packaging you can find a quick guide to the enclosed Ahead Nero Burning RomSoftware.

Packaging LG GCE-8400B
Scope of delivery LG GCE-8400B


The manual and thus also the installation instructions are written in the official languages ​​of the five most populous countries of the European Union and accompany the owner over 14 pages with well-stored images from the hardware and software installation to troubleshooting and also provides information about the technical data and performance features of the drive, so that even beginners shouldn't have any problems with commissioning. The quick guide for the Ahead Nero Burning Rom software is even written in six languages ​​and ensures that you have no problems using the software supplied.

Front view LG GCE-8400B
Top view of LG GCE-8400B


The GCE-8400B from LG also uses tried-and-tested and basically the same technologies that only have a different name. This 40X/12X/40X burner also finds its place on the IDE bus.

The Partial Constant Angular Velovity (P-CAV) method is also used here for writing, but it is a little faster than with the CDRW 401248 tx to. The GCE-8400B starts at over 20 times the speed and reaches 32 times the writing speed shortly before the 30th minute of a CD and 40 times the speed from about the 56th minute, which then goes up tois held at the end, so that the inserted CD is written in the optimal case almost with an average speed of a little more than 33X.

Writing simulation LG GCE-8400B - Philips 40X blank
Writing simulation LG GCE-8400B - Lifetec 32X blank
Writing simulation LG GCE -8400B - Traxdata 48X blank

The technology to protect against buffer underruns is called 'SuperLink' at LG and basically works in the same way as the Competition too. If the data stream breaks off, the burn process is suspended and after the buffer is full, as is recorded, so that with the 2MB buffer at 40 times the burn speed you don't have a burned CD after a third of a second and have to try again to burn the data. Here, too, of course, technology should not be missing that determines the optimal or maximum burn speed for the inserted medium, so that a CD is not written at 40 times the speed, even though it is only designed for up to 24 times the speed. LG has not given this technology an extra name, but rather calls it a rather unspectacular 'system for controlling the optimal writing speed'. 5bae552271bf71ac56d0b3552895a617.png '>

Front view LG GCE-8400B
figcaptiona .png'>> Rear view of LG GCE-8400B

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