Thoroughbred support from K7S5A

Thoroughbred support from K7S5A

After numerous compatibility lists from various manufacturers regarding the support of the new Athlon XP with 0.13 µm Thoroughbred core are already in circulation, we can now give the all-clear for a widely used board from Elitegroup.

As Sebastian Schäfer informed us, he sent an inquiry to Elitegroup as to whether the new Athlon core is supported on the K7S6A or the K7S5A. The answer from Elitegroup support was:

The K7S5A supports the Thoroughbred core of the AthlonXP

The operation of the new Athlon XP is thus ensured on the somewhat older K7S5A. To what extent the successor of the board, the K7S6A, with which Thoroughbred can cope, remains unclear, at least there is no official statement from Elitegroup in this regard.