Thoroughbred remains a friend of overclockers

Thoroughbred remains a friend of overclockers

While other manufacturers put big obstacles in the way of their customers when overclocking the processor, AMD remains true to its line with the Athlon XP successor, the Thoroughbred, as we were told at CeBIT. AMD has no interest in spoiling the hobbyist's joy.

If you have some time, you will also get Thoroughbred remove the multiplier lock. Thus, once again, AMD did not opt ​​for a multiplier permanently burned into a memory chip. This is encouraging because the Thoroughbred core , manufactured in 0.13 µm, has more potential for higher clock frequencies due to its low power consumption and the associated heat radiation.

One thing However, what we will definitely not see from AMD are Athlon XP processors that are shipped from the factory with a freely selectable multiplier. The risk here would be too great that complete systems are delivered with a processor that is actually just an overclocked version of a cheap chip.

As far as the overclockability of the Hammer is concerned, nothing is yet known. However, there is still a long way to go before its market launch, especially since the processor's clock rate is not even known at the moment.