The theory behind 3D graphics: This is how virtual worlds are created

The theory behind 3D graphics: This is how virtual worlds are created

Future and conclusion

New features are constantly being introduced in 3D technology, but these cannot always be implemented immediately, but only appear in practice through new hardware and software. Usually, different techniques are developed with the same goal, but often only one standard is established. I would like to pay special attention to some of these new features:

New 3D techniques
Feature How it works Stencil Buffer The stencil buffer is coded with 8 bits, it is used for this to save the parts of the calculated image that do not change. This saves resources that are available for other calculations. Alpha Blending The alpha channel is part of the color memory. A pixel is not only assigned a color value, but also a transparency value. If such a color channel is applied to a pixel, it is called alpha blending. The process is used to create transparency effects such as fire, water and smoke and is often used in computer games. Accumulation Buffer In this memory buffer, the images intended for output are 'refined' with effects such as motion blur or anti-aliasing. Z-Occlusion-Culling Often many objects are not present in the next calculated image. With Z-Occlusion-Culling, these objects are recognized and not even sent into the 3D pipeline in order to save computing time.

New features are constantly being integrated into graphics cards, often for the reason that new software is supported directly by hardware and the CPU not by emulation processes to charge. Graphics cards are getting faster and faster, can display more and more polygons per second and now calculate huge scenes in real time.

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