The new tariffs from T-Online

The new tariffs from T-Online

Since T-Online will probably only continue the ISDN flat rate for customers who registered before December 11th, 2000, the new tariffs are now known. T-Online announces these new tariffs as if they were a revelation for the customer that he has always been waiting for.

So it says in the press release:

'This results in considerable price advantages for the majority of all T-Online surfers.' I would like to see the majority of T-Online surfers, but so far I haven't seen anyone who broke into friend dances because of the new tariffs. The statement of the CEO of T-Online International AG, Thomas Holtrop, sounds almost scornful and ironic in view of the discontinuation of the ISDN flat rate: 'The new tariff initiative from T-Online is making the Internet and eCommerce in Germany more attractive and growing win. '

Somehow I don't see an increase in the attractiveness of eCommerce in the new tariffs, as customers now have to pay more to use eCommerce. But now to the new tariffs in detail:

  • T-Online by day: monthly basic fee of 14.90 DM; Between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. the user pays 1.6 pfennigs per minute, at all other times of the day this tariff pays 2.9 pfennigs per minute.
  • T-Online by night: monthly basic fee of 9.90 DM; between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. the user pays 1.6 pounds per minute, outside of this time he pays 2.9 pounds per minute.
  • T-Online surftime 30: You pay 29.90 DM and receive 30 Online free hours, if you exceed these 30 hours, you have to pay 2.9 pfennigs/min.
  • T-Online surftime 60: For 55 DM you get 60 free hours with this tariff, but you have to If you surf more, you pay 2.9 Pf/min again.
  • T-Online surftime 90: For 79 DM, which corresponds to the price of the current T-ISDN flat rate, you can surf for 90 hours for falling every minute2.9 Pf/min.
  • T-Online surftime 120: You pay 99 DM and receive 120 free hours per month for this, the same applies here: Every additional minute costs 2.9 Pf/min.

With all surftime tariffs, unused free hours of a month cannot be carried over to the next month, they simply 'expire'. In addition to these new tariffs, T-Online eco, T-Online by call and T-DSL flat will be retained as before. If you look at the surftime 90 tariff, you will notice that it costs just as much as the T-ISDN flat rate previously. With the new tariff, however, you can only be online for an average of 3 hours per day in order not to incur additional costs. So far, you can theoretically be online 24 hours a day for the same price without incurring additional costs. It remains to be seen how other flat rate providers will react to this step by T-Online. The fact that T-DSL flat is being continued does not seem to be of use to many, as most of them have been waiting for months for their T-DSL connection or for the availability of ADSL at all. The new tariffs are a clear step backwards and Gerhard Schröder will probably have to think twice about what he says about the Internet in Germany. Welcome to the developing country Germany.