The Intel Itanium - a real bargain

The Intel Itanium - a real bargain

The Register was able to find out first prices for the 64-bit Itanium processor. According to this, an Itantium clocked with 800Mhz (FSB 266MHz) and equipped with 4MB L2 cache will cost $ 4227 for a purchase of 1000 pieces, i.e. almost DM 9000. For the 800Mhz Itanium equipped with 2MB L2, you have to put 4200DM on the table shortly after the release.

The prices for the 733/266 Itanium with 4MB are 4227 $ (as expensive as the 800/266) and at $ 1177 for the 2MB L2 cache variant.

That the Itanium was not developed for the consumer market at all becomes more than clear in view of the prices. As far as the home user is concerned, Intel still has the Pentium IV alias Willamette in the making, which has to be a lot more attractive in terms of price if Intel doesn't want to lose even more market share to its competitor AMD.