The highlights of the Mac-Expo 2002

The highlights of the Mac-Expo 2002

The event of the year for every Mac fan is probably the Mac-Expo 2002. Today some new products were presented again. The highlight of the expo was probably the presentation of the new iMac. But new programs were also presented.

The new iMac was demonstrated with loud whistling and clapping. As you are used to from Apple, the design is very innovative. The new Mac consists of the computer itself, which is actually half a sphere, and a 15 'flat screen. This can be rotated in all directions and is extremely thin. The hardware side of the new computers is well equipped. So there will be a top model, which It is equipped with an 800 MHz G4 processor, 256 MByte RAM and a Superdrive from Apple. The Superdrive can write and read DVDs and CDs. A GeForce 2 MX is also installed. This model will cost $ 1799. A new one was also installed iBook presented with a 14 'TFT. As far as software is concerned, the new iPhoto was probably the focus. It is supposed to complete Apple's 'digital hub'. This is a project that allows you to combine music, film and photo editing with a Mac. The extensive software iPhoto is available free of charge on the Apple site. Steve Jobs also announced that from now on all Macinthosh computers will be shipped with Mac OS X. Further information, videos and pictures can be viewed on the Apple site .

The new iMac
The new iBook