The future of Windows NT 4.0 service packs

The future of Windows NT 4.0 service packs

Since Microsoft released Service Pack 6a for Windows NT 4.0 in November 1999, the software giant has been taking a long time with the release of Service Pack 7. It was supposed to be ready by the end of 2000, but Microsoft has good reasons to postpone the service pack.

On the one hand, until now, over a year after the release of Service Pack 6a, Microsoft has received so few bug reports that they do not want to turn them into a complete service pack. Another reason for the delay in SP7 is that customers are very satisfied with the current service packs and a few additional hotfixes. Many customer requests, which should actually only be realized with the SP7, would already have been realized by various hotfixes or updates of the Internet Explorer. According to current plans, the final Service Pack 7 is to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2001.

Until then, Microsoft intends to continue support so that small hotfixes are released on request that fix a certain bug or a security hole . Since many customers attach particular importance to hotfixes, which close security gaps, Microsoft will offer Service Pack 7 as well as a comprehensive package of Windows NT 4.0 security patches in the 3rd quarter of 2001.