The BSA is stepping up its fight against software pirates

The BSA is stepping up its fight against software pirates

The tremor among the software pirates continues. As the BSA (Business Software Alliance) reports, one will continue to take sharp action against copyright infringements in the future. The spread of pirated copies increased in 2002 compared to 2001.

This circumstance prompts us to intensify the fight against software pirates, announced the BSA. Not only did the information about unregistered software in use have increased, but also the additional payments for license costs. Only recently was such a pirate transferred in Switzerland, which offered pirated copies of operating systems and applications over the Internet. As always, he was exposed through a test purchase by one of the BSA investigators. His luck that he was still a minor at the time of his arrest, so he got away with a very light sentence. The fine was 2034 euros, plus four days of work.

Due to the increasing fight of the BSA against the illegal ones Use of software, 18 percent more indications of illegal use of software in companies were investigated in the first half of this year than in the comparable period in 2001. At the same time, relicensing by companies rose from 405,000 euros to more than 750,000 euros. The BSA recorded a large increase of 41 percent in reports of copyright infringements in the case of references to Internet sites with pirated copies. But also on the BSA's own website, on which you can report copyright infringements, the number of reports rose by 181 percent. All in all, a significant increase in the success rate in the fight against the software pirates.