Telekom was available to answer questions

Telekom was available to answer questions

On January 10th, 2002, Telekom gave its customers a live chat for three hours to answer questions about T-DSL. Unfortunately, it was not possible to answer all questions in the three hours, but at least some of the questions were somewhat more precise.

Here is a short summary of the results:

  • The T-DSL-Flat should neither be abolished nor increased in price.
  • Fastpath is still in the test phase and Telekom cannot yet say whether it will will introduce or whether it will incur additional costs for the customer if activated. Since other providers already offer this service free of charge, it would be advisable for Telekom to act in the same way. However, other providers do not carry out tests lasting several months either.
  • At CeBIT 2002 , Telekom is apparently planning to increase the upstream and downstream for T-DSL. A downstream of 1.5 Mbit and an upstream of 192 Kbit would be conceivable here. Unfortunately, there was no talk about prices or volume restrictions.
  • In the future, Telekom would like to reach areas that have not yet been developed with T-DSL with a satellite solution . For the upload you would still need a normal narrowband return channel. In addition, a volume-based tariff will be used here in any case. But prices were not mentioned here either. If the test phase continues to be positive, Telekom would like to force its way onto the market with an offer at the beginning of the second quarter. In cooperation with Astra, the downstream will be 768 kbit/sec.
  • T-DSL Light unfortunately Deutsche Telekom does not want to introduce it in the near future, for the following reason: 'To as many customers as possible To be able to offer a high quality service, we do without offers with a lower bandwidth; the susceptibility to failurewould increase too much. '