Telekom partially stops the T-DSL expansion

Telekom partially stops the T-DSL expansion

As the PC Welt reports, as a consequence of its catastrophic economic situation, Telekom has stopped the expansion of T-DSL in the areas that are likely to generate the least profit with immediate effect.

Affected by of this measure are logically mainly rural regions, in which the broad mass of potential customers does not exist. So if you have already pre-ordered T-DSL, you could have done yourself and the citizens of your city a big favor, as areas with many pre-orders are probably the most likely to be expanded. The uncomfortable wording of the message to the affected customers refers to the alternative T-DSL via satellite, which has been available since May 2nd, which is probably not one for many pre-orderers:

'With the choice of a T- DSL broadband connection from Deutsche Telekom, you have opted for high-speed Internet. Unfortunately, for economic reasons we are forced to adapt our terrestrial T-DSL expansion plans. Unfortunately, your place of residence is also affected, so we can process your T-DSL order can no longer perform. '

Although press spokesman Walter Genz will someday close a T-DSL expansion in these areas The future is not generally off, but T-DSL Sat would hardly be offered more cheaply if the expansion were to be boosted again in the foreseeable future.

It is probably only a small consolation that Deutsche Telekom has disappointed customers price advantages when ordering from T-DSL Sat grants: The provision fee of 24.05 euros is no longer applicable and the basic fee is corrected down by 19.90 euros in the first three months. In the case where the choice of tariff on T-DSL Basic falls, that means that you no longer have to pay a basic fee, the insane data transfer costs of 5 cents per MB, i.e. 50 euros eachGigabyte, however, let many people refrain from this tariff. Even the free 500MB traffic can hardly change that.

With the Pro tariff, on the other hand, the transmission volume is unlimited, but Telekom grants itself the right to reduce the speed as desired from 500MB traffic per month. With both tariffs, what should not be disregarded is that while surfing, a conventional return channel must be available over the normal telephone line at all times, since the data can only be received via satellite. However, when it comes to paying the costs for this unpleasant side effect, Telekom does not accommodate its T-DSL Sat customers.