Telekom may continue to offer T-ISDN XXL

Telekom may continue to offer T-ISDN XXL

The regulatory authority for telecommunications and post (RegTP) allowed Telekom to continue to offer the T-ISDN XXL tariff until October 31, 2001. Otherwise the test phase would have expired on April 30, 2001. However, the RegTP has obliged Telekom to submit a fee approval application to the RegTP by August 10, 2001 at the latest, which includes a price model for analog connections that is equivalent to the T-ISDN XXL tariff.

This is to prevent owners of analog connections from having a disadvantage compared to people with ISDN connections.

Furthermore, the RegTP has checked whether the Telekom can cover the additional costs arising from the XXL tariff through the additional revenue of DM 12.83 per connection in each month. It has been concluded that this is possible. The aim was to check whether Deutsche Telekom might not subsidize the XXL tariff in order to force competitors out of the market. In order to keep the development under control, Telekom will have to report to the RegTP every month about the use of the XXL tariff.