Telekom lowers prices for switching to the competition

Telekom lowers prices for switching to the competition

According to a report by the Handelsblatt, Deutsche Telekom AG will now 'voluntarily' significantly lower the prices for switching local network connections to its competitors (Arcor, Mobilcom, etc.). Telekom is said to have offered a reduction of ten percent.

Upon request, DTAG confirmed this offer to a journalist from Handelsblatt, according to the report. Of course, this offer does not fall out of the blue.

Since the regulatory authority for telecommunications and post (RegTP) the current prices which Telekom's competitors have to pay is too high, a ruling chamber procedure by the same authority is already underway. So far, Telekom has received a hefty € 12.48 per month from the competition for the line alone. In addition, there was previously € 100 only for switching over the simple copper line and € 50 for deregistering a customer. These prices are valid for another year, and during this period the ongoing proceedings would have forced a price reduction anyway. The only thing that has changed is that the Telekom does not wait for the 'recalculation' by the RegTP and instead presents an offer of its own accord.

It remains to be seen whether the authorities and the competition are satisfied with the Telekom offer enter.