Telekom: Internal solution only

Telekom: Internal solution only

As the television broadcaster n-tv announced, the Telekom employees only want to agree to an internal solution in the matter of Ron Sommer. The employee representatives with their votes on the Telekom supervisory board agreed on this on Thursday.

As it is said, if Ron Sommer Gerd Tenzer, the current board member for production and technology, were replaced, the best prospects would be have the executive chair of Telekom.

In the meantime, you can find advertisements in national newspapers in which Telekom offers the The federal government is asking not to interfere and not to make Telekom a 'political plaything' and thus to 'damage Germany as a whole', but to limit itself to setting the framework conditions.

In addition, the Berliner Zeitung reported, that the federal government knew weeks before the publication of the controversial increase in executive board salaries, but did not raise any objection, for which Chancellor candidate Edmund Stoiber strongly criticized the current government. The executive board salaries were increased by 90 percent last year, while the T-Share lost 90 percent of its value.