Telecom competition wants to close broadband holes

Telecom competition wants to close broadband holes

Together with the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB) and the German District Association (DLT), the Association of Telecommunications and Value-Added Services ( VATM ) - the competition of Telekom - has a Master plan developed to close the blank spots on the German broadband map in a timely manner.

By bundling efforts, political decision-makers at federal, state and municipal levels as well as telecommunications providers should have complete information can be made available for each unsupervised or underserved municipality with regard to location-related economic data, topographical features or connection distance to the next broadband POP. On this basis, the fundamentally suitable technologies, the degree of profitability of the development and any necessary funding opportunities are to be identified within a short time in order to supply the more than 2,200 municipalities or five million German citizens with broadband connections.

For implementation, the master plan provides for the establishment of an independently manned task force. In a first step, this should coordinate the central collection of the required data, for example the determination of communities and districts that are not supplied with broadband, whereby the VATM should only speak of broadband supply from a minimum speed of one Mbit per second. Furthermore, the availability of various types of connection should be checked and location-related economic and geodata compiled. In a second step, the task force should develop recommendations for the appropriate connection technologies, whereby there can be a mix of different connection technologies (this would also include, for example, WiMAX ), on the one hand to the communities and on the other the residents within the communities broadbandto the Internet.

If it is possible to bundle all forces in this way and to coordinate with existing efforts at the federal and state level, according to VATM managing director Jürgen Grützner, within the next 12 to 18 months 90 percent of the communities that are currently not supplied can get access to the high-speed Internet. How realistic this certainly quite optimistic assessment is, however, has yet to be shown.