Tech demo from the first person shooter Kreed online

Tech demo from the first person shooter Kreed online

In whatever way a first tech demo of the first person shooter Kreed 'The World Beyond' has now reached the Internet. This playable demo was not actually intended for the public, but it is able to shine with numerous effects at this early stage of development.

This almost 170 MB technology demo, which was intended for the media, is therefore fraught with numerous errors. Like the illegal, a good 600 MB Alpha from Unreal 2, which was used for demonstration purposes at E3 and also made it into the network, the frame rates in the Kreed demo are also at the lower limit of what is still playable. Again, it should be at least a GeForce3/4. Both the Radeon 8500, GeForce2 and Kyro 2 still cause massive problems. If you still want to try your luck as a non-owner of a GeForce3/4, you should set the value for r_powermode from 1 to 0 in config.ini.

Towards the end of the summer, the Russian developer 'Burut Software' publish a demo that shows what is really in Kreed. Among other things, of course, many more features and support for all graphics cards, current graphics cards!

The tech demo can be downloaded at Gamesmania .

Incidentally, Kreed will be numerous Use the functions of DirectX 8. These include:

  • Pixel and Vertex Shader
  • Particle Systems
  • Per-Pixel Lighting
  • Environmental- Mapping (cubemaps)
  • Stencil-Buffer based shadow
  • Up to 4000 polygons per model
Kreed Tech-Demo