TDK introduces 2GB CD burner

TDK introduces 2GB CD burner

TDK presented a fully functional copy of a 2GB CD-RW burner to the press at CeBit, using the newly developed multilevel function (ML function). With this method, a distinction is made between eight gray levels per data bit.

Conventional burners can only choose between light and dark distinguish. This means that three bits can now be accommodated in the area of ​​one bit.

According to TDK, the great advantage of this new technology is that it is easy to equip conventional drives with the ML function. A normal CD-RW drive with conventional optics and mechanics, in which a chip is integrated that masters the ML function, is sufficient. As a positive side effect, this new technology also increases the data transfer rate by a factor of three. TDK believes that these advantages are sufficient to justify the 'marginal additional costs' of the drives.