Talking motherboard

Talking motherboard

As unusual as it sounds, the new motherboards from Taiwanese manufacturer FIC can speak - at least to a certain extent. This function, called 'Audio Alert' by FIC, is intended to alert the user of any problems when the system is started.

The one for this The principle used is similar to the beep sounds that current boards make - but who knows which beep sequence represents which error? FIC has addressed this problem and uses a system of spoken error messages. This is made possible by an audio converter chip that is independent of the processor. This generates a spoken error message such as 'Caution! Memories not detected. Please check your PC' in the event of problems with the main memory.

The first motherboard that will use the 'Audio Alert' technology is the KA- 11 for the Intel Pentium III. In addition to FIC, Soltek also wants to equip motherboards with this technology and I can well imagine that other manufacturers will follow suit, as this technology could relieve the motherboard manufacturer's support lines a lot.