T-Online doubled its loss in 2001

T-Online doubled its loss in 2001

Today, Thursday, T-Online presented its figures for the 2001 financial year. Although sales increased significantly, the loss that the company incurred during this time has more than doubled.

The number of customers rose by 2.8 million to 10.7 million, which corresponds to an increase of a good 35%. 8.8 million or 82% of them come from Germany. In this respect, the fourth quarter stands out extremely positively with 900,000 new customers alone.

Sales in 2001 amounted to 1.14 billion euros, which corresponds to an increase of approx. 43% compared to 2000. While the income under “Other” fell by 9%, the “Access” (providing Internet access) and “Advertising/E-Commerce” areas increased significantly by 42 and 58 percent, respectively. The last value is particularly noteworthy, as the advertising industry is currently poking around when looking for advertising partners, as is generally known. Overall, the share of sales not gained directly through Internet access was around 17%.

The less meaningful EBITDA for the group was able to come into positive territory in the 3rd quarter of 2001, if you limit it to business in Germany. Overall, the EBITDA in the fourth quarter of 2001 was minus 32.1 million euros, but here a clear improvement in the values ​​is foreseeable. The same value in the same period of the previous year was minus 68.1 million euros. The four quarterly figures added together result in a value of minus 189 million euros for the year 2001. This corresponds to an increase of approx. 55% compared to 2000, which the board of management points to the “first year-round consolidation of and Club Internet as well as the burden of the loss-making narrowband flat rate for an entire year ”.

What counts in the end, however, is the profit or loss. Unfortunately you have to like at T-Onlinementioned at the beginning continue to speak of the latter. Compared to 2000, it rose by 104% from 390 million to 797 million euros. This is justified with the first-time consolidation (development of the stock exchange prices against the trend after a rollercoaster ride) of the foreign investments and the goodwill amortization for risk provisioning of comdirect AG in the amount of EUR 281 million.

For the In 2002 T-Online is hoping for a lot from the abolition of the narrowband flat rate, the last contracts of which expired at the beginning of December 2001. The following quotation, which concludes the press release , also fits: “The increased sales in the non-access area and the EBITDA which has improved significantly over the quarters show that our strategy is right: Our combined business model of Access and Portal proves to be correct and sustainable ”, says Thomas Holtrop, CEO of T-Online.