T-Online discontinues flat rate!

T-Online discontinues flat rate!

Sad but true :-(. T-Online will discontinue its ISDN flat rate and introduce new tariffs for it. These are even presented as an advantage for the user, which is of course pure rubbish on the part of Telekom. The press release says :

The marketing of the T-Online flat tariff ends with the introduction of the new tariffs on March 1, 2001. New registrations are no longer possible from this point on. T-Online flat customers can opt for a different tariff and easily switch. '

Whether the people who signed the contract before December 11th, i.e. with a 12-month contract, that you can continue to use the flat rate is unclear. According to a Telekom employee, the contract will remain in place. If someone still has the old terms and conditions, which were valid before December 11th, we would be very grateful if we could this could be sent to someone.