T-Mobile changes iPhone tariffs

T-Mobile changes iPhone tariffs

Less than a month after the release of the iPhone in Germany , T-Mobile is already changing the tariffs specially adapted to the Apple device. For example, iPhone owners will be able to make free calls on weekends in the future.

From December 1, all three tariff packages - Complete M, L and XL - will therefore contain a free weekend flat rate for domestic connections to the T-Mobile network and to Landline. T-Mobile customers can use their iPhone on weekends to make free calls to these networks for as long and as often as they want. But this is not the only change to the old tariffs .

According to their own statements T-Mobile is also reducing the prices for one minute's call outside of the respective inclusive budget “as part of the Christmas campaign”. As of December 1, these will only be 9 cents per minute in the Complete XL and 29 cents per minute in the Complete M and L tariffs. It was precisely these minute prices of 29 and 39 cents, respectively, that initially came under massive criticism, as they were in part significantly above those of other tariffs. Good news for existing customers: The two improvements not only apply to new customers, but also to everyone who bought their Apple iPhone in November and signed a two-year contract with T-Mobile. The corresponding changeover takes place automatically. For customers who buy an iPhone in the Telekom shop from December 3 to 15 and conclude a Complete tariff at the same time, the deployment price of 25 euros does not apply.

The new tariffs are designed accordingly as follows:

iPhone tariffs from T-Mobile
Complete M Complete L Complete XL Inclusive minutes 100 200 1000 Additional minutes each € 0.29 each € 0.29 each 0 .09 € SMS included 40 150 300 Additional SMS each € 0.19 each € 0.19 each € 0.19 Voicemailincl. incl. incl. WLAN hotspots incl. incl. incl. EDGE flat rate incl. incl. incl. weekend flat rate (T-Mobile and landline) incl. incl. incl. monthly Basic price € 49 € 69 € 89

It is questionable why T-Mobile is already adjusting the tariffs so soon after the sales start . Either the iPhone is currently selling slowly together with a two-year contract, customers are turning to the SIM-Lock-free variant for 999.00 euros without a contract more often than expected or the adjustment of the tariff structure is a harbinger of the Pending court decision in the iPhone case with Vodafone D2.