Supercomputer IBM RS/6000 SP for the DWD

Supercomputer IBM RS/6000 SP for the DWD

A new supercomputer, the IBM RS/6000 SP, will go into service on April 9th ​​in the German Weather Service in order to be able to predict the weather even more precisely. The RS/6000 SP draws its enormous computing power, which is comparable to 4000 desktop PCs of today's generation, from 80 computing nodes with 16 processors each.

With its 1280 processors, it is currently the most powerful supercomputer in Europe. This replaces the previous Cray T3E computer, which only provided a fraction of the performance of the RS/6000 SP. It will be integrated into a Europe-wide network running as a pilot project, the future Meteo-Grid.

With this joint project, a network with a standardized user interface is to be available to all participating research centers in the future. The supercomputer network is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the Unicore Plus project. Various researchers are working on this project in order to be able to access the resources of various supercomputers with different data storage systems uniformly via the Internet.