Super Talent presents 'extreme' 256 GB SSD

Super Talent presents 'extreme' 256 GB SSD

Super Talent has announced two new solid state disks with capacities of up to 256 GB. While the first model is suitable for a normal working environment, the second model should prove itself even under the most difficult temperature conditions.

Super Talent gives the temperatures under which the model SS56GA6C35I should work reliably with -45 to 85 degrees Celsius on. The conventional model FSD56GC35M goes much less in this extreme direction; According to the specifications, no problems are to be expected at 0 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Super Talent's new FSD56GC35M

Both models have a SATA connection and come in a 3.5-inch format. Super Talent grants a three-year guarantee on the new solid state disks; the company did not name prices. In particular, the variant for extreme temperatures should cost a small fortune. A 128 GB SSD in 2.5-inch format for the same temperature conditions recently presented by Super Talent was generously priced at “less than 4000 US dollars”.