Star Office 6.0 is chargeable

Star Office 6.0 is chargeable

As recently became known, Sun does not intend to offer the Star Office, which was acquired by the Hamburg company Star Division, for free. For Windows and Linux users, license fees are expected to be incurred in an as yet unknown amount from May.

Star Office will only remain free of charge for the extensive group of users with Sun's Solaris operating system.

The reason for this cost survey is the wish of many mainly professional customers for improved support. According to Sun, this can only be achieved through cost-covering license fees for the program to be delivered in a package with CD-ROM and manuals.

Furthermore, the suspicion of using free software for critical applications outweighs in many companies According to the motto, what is good must also be expensive.

If you can do without the additional modules such as the spell checker or database, you can still download a free, albeit scaled-down version from OpenOffice .

At the moment, Sun is also offering the older version 5.2 of its office suite for download.