SSE2 makes awesome legs - benchmarks

SSE2 makes awesome legs - benchmarks

In the c't published on Monday in the magazine trade there will be benchmarks again with the 1.2 GHz fast AMD Athlon 64 (hammer) prototype. has published the SPEC-Suite value with activated SSE2 in advance.

The additional command set that Intel once used in first version with the Pentium III and in a revised form in the Pentium 4, was licensed by AMD for the hammer and this will break through the previous sole rule of Intel in this sector. In the past, software optimized for SSE2 had fantastic performance gains on P4 systems. With SSE2, the 1.2GHz Athlon 64 overtook the P4 2.2GHz in SPECfp_base 2000 with 42 points, but still had to admit defeat in SPECint_base2000. Nevertheless, an increase in performance cannot be denied. According to c't, these are even 10% above the values ​​that Hammer chief developer Fred Weber presented in his scaling curves at the last Microporcessor Forum.

SPECfp_base 2000
Unit: points
    • Athlon 64 2.0 GHz (SSE2) *
    • Pentium 4 3 , 0 GHz (SSE2)
    • Athlon 64 1.2 GHz (SSE2 )
    • Pentium 4 2.2 GHz (SSE2)
    • Athlon 64 1.2 GHz (SSE1)
Unit: Points
    • Athlon 64 2.0 GHz (SSE2) *
    • Pentium 4 3.0 GHz (SSE2)
    • Pentium 4 2.2 GHz (SSE2)
    • Athlon 64 1.2 GHz(SSE2)
    • Athlon 64 1.2 GHz (SSE1)

Andreas Stiller (c't) assumes that the first models of the Athlon 64 (1MB L2 cache) with 2GHz (* extrapolation) in the SSE2 optimized SPEC suite will achieve 1274 points in SPECfp and about the same amount in SPECint2000. This would put them well ahead of the current Pentium 4 CPUs.

Incidentally, Heise is still silent about the origin of the test system:

Our reluctance to use these data had a simple reason: So easy we didn't want to do it to AMD to find out where the prototype system came from.

More information is available in Monday's c't .