SpeedTree is to show the possibilities of nVidia Cg

SpeedTree is to show the possibilities of nVidia Cg

With the SpeedTree demo from Interactive Data Visualization (IDV), developer of tools for film, video and computer game producers for the realistic representation of nature, nVidia would like to demonstrate the capabilities of the Cg language.

With the language Cg, which stands for 'C for Graphics', nVidia would like to make programming of graphics engines easier to realize certain effects without having to master assembler routines. Ultimately, it is hoped that the Cg, which has recently been placed under an open source license, will result in more and higher quality effects in a wide variety of application areas. IDV is now one of the first companies that has integrated Cg into their graphics engine and wants to demonstrate this using a demo in which an attempt is made as realistically as possible to represent trees under the most varied of weather conditions . Among other things, a combat robot is also simulated, which marches through the landscape and on the surface of which you can see the shadows calculated in real time. In addition to different environmental conditions such as spring, autumn, winter and night, you can vary a few other options in SpeedTree and even play cameraman yourself if you wish. Since probably not every commercially available computer can handle the high number of polygons, we took a few screenshots so that you can get an impression of SpeedTree even without the 39MB download !

Simulated stream
Detailed pine branches
> Shadow gradientsI
shadow gradients II
Amazing optics
Close-up of leaves
Blurry: The grass on Floor
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Night I
Night II
Winter I
Winter II