Speculation about the Pentium 4

Speculation about the Pentium 4

Intel has already announced the Pentium 4 processor with 2GHz for the 3rd quarter of 2001, contrary to previous planning. At the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei, it was demonstrated that the Pentium 4 is already in a position to operate the Pentium 4 with this clock frequency without particularly complex cooling measures.

Intel will probably be faster than the clock speeds of the Pentium 4 initially plan to raise. Due to AMD's growing market share, this is also urgently needed. There is currently speculation as to whether Intel will also switch to 0.13 µm production technology earlier than planned, or between the 'Willamette' (current stepping of the Pentium 4) and the 'Northwood' (0.13 -µm manufacturing process; 512KB cache) an additional core stepping pushes. Otherwise, Intel would have to get by for a few months without increasing the clock frequency. During this time, you could only react to offers from AMD with discounts.

Furthermore, there are bad rumors about the 'Automatic Thermal Monitor' of the Pentium 4. This monitors the temperature of the processor and, if a certain limit is exceeded, lowers the internal clock frequency until the processor has cooled down again. The rumors say that Intel could use this feature to run the Pentium 4 at clock speeds for which it is actually not suitable. The 'Automatic Thermal Monitor' would then reduce the clock frequency after a short time when the processor is at full load in order to protect it from death by heat. The user could not fall back on the full processor performance in this period of time! So in the future will you not only have to pay attention to the clock frequency, but also how long the processor can actually provide the specified performance?