Special nVidia GPU for the hammer?

Special nVidia GPU for the hammer?

If rumors are to be believed, nVidia is currently working with AMD on a special graphics card for the hammer processor, which would be integrated directly into its own chipset.

Since AMD and nVidia signed a development agreement some time ago, this rumor is not that unbelievable. Officially, however, nVidia is working on a completely normal chipset for the new processor.

The performance that a GPU could unleash, which is directly connected to the system processor via the Hypertransport protocol and precisely tailored to the capabilities of the If the same is tailored, it could even gain a foothold in the workstation area that was previously untouched by AMD and dig up valuable market shares from Intel.

This would be an enormous gain for AMD, especially since such a highly integrated solution is cheaper to manufacture for nVidia.