Sony with a new notebook in the VAIO series

Sony with a new notebook in the VAIO series

Sony's notebook family has once again got a new member. This time it hit the VAIO R600 group, which was expanded to include the R600HFP. With a handy weight of only 1.98 kilos and a battery life of up to 5 hours, the new is ideal for work on the go.

Thanks to the integrated wireless LAN technology (WLAN) according to IEEE 802.11b- With the VAIO R600HFP, users can access the network and peripheral devices wirelessly in any WLAN environment. The also integrated Firewire interface (IEEE 1394), as well as the integrated network card and the internal 56k modem ensure the connection with the outside world. Data, digital images and video clips can be exchanged with other devices via the integrated memory stick slot.

In the The new notebook has a 1.0 GHz Intel Mobile Pentium III processor with SpeedStep energy saving technology, 256 MB RAM and a 30 GB hard drive. The 12.1 inch TFT display is supplied with pictures by Intel's i830 chipset with integrated graphics.

Windows XP Professional is used as the operating system, although Windows XP Home Edition would certainly have been sufficient. In addition to the operating system, Sony supplies the new notebook with a large software package that includes PictureToy or DVgate, for example.

The price of the R600HFP is just under 2000 euros, the version with CD-RW and DVD-ROM docking station (R600HFPD), however, already costs around 2750 euros.

Sony R600HFP